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A man suddenly finds himself in an unfamiliar room. He does not know what's going on, but he sees a woman there. Clearly, the most logical thing to do would be to immediately grab her by the pussy

AnimeshinClub responds:

Lol, you might be assuming the man is in control in this story. This is Jazmine's magic bringing him to her. He is an extension of her desire, not the other way around. That's why it's happening in Jazmine's Castle.

Was this inspired by the upcoming game Stuffed?

AnimationAsylum responds:

I haven't heard about Stuffed before. I was more inspired by a mix of Toy Story and Monsters Inc for the look of the film.

Terrifying. Please make more

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Good game, but buggy. You should be able to automatically go from one level to the next instead of going back to the map between each level (yes, I know Jugglenaut has the same problem). Sometimes you can get behind the fog and then beat the level without the fog chasing you. In the last level, the final enemy to unlock the final door glitched and wasn't targetable so I couldn't beat the level. If you die on the last level and then hold RMB to go back to the map, it shows you the ending screen as though you beat the level. I did that twice and then the game froze.

Not bad for a game jam game. Same concept as Continuity from 2011 and Tiny Fragments which was just released on Newgrounds this year.

I think this is the easiest game you've made. Maybe a little disappointing, but still fun

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Who did the vocals?

Bosa responds:

I think I found her page on Facebook. Dang I can't remember, man, I'm sorry.

Do you mind if I use this in a free / ad-free app? That doesn't count as commercial purposes, right?

Kassich responds:

go for it! I'd love to see the app when you are done with it!

But aren't you a girl? Who's the vocalist?

Phyrnna responds:

Not me xD. Check the video for credits on that.

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Good job animating this even though you're not into it

This is so sweet

PonyGirl201642 responds:

I know! :)

Very sweet


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