Ame Fury

2014-10-19 17:43:21 by TharosTheDragon

Just released a new game. I made it over a year ago, and finally got a sponsor. It was for Player.IO's $10,000 game contest where we had to make a multiplayer game. I wasn't in the top 10 so I didn't win anything, so I put it up on FGL. It didn't get any bites so I was about to release it for free, mostly for the sake of Adoxographist and my two artists who did a good job on the game because I wanted to showcase their work, when I started seeing some bids. Lucky me.

I am not proud of this game at all. Some people like it and want me to do more work on it, but that's not going to happen, because I have absolutely no enthusiasm for this project. It's not my best work. It may be my worst.

You may notice some bugs, especially with the online multiplayer aspect since it's so hard to be in control with that sort of thing. Who knows what types of connections you'll encounter? I do pride myself with making bug-free games, so this may have to be an exception.

I actually had to make the sponsor's version of the game with the free trial of Flash CC since the API he wanted me to incorporate wouldn't work with Flash CS4. My free trial has run out, so that's one thing that makes it difficult to make any edits or improvements.

PLAY AME FURY... if you like.



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