2011-01-27 00:12:15 by TharosTheDragon

My first game has just been released. It's called PACTIME.

The game can be controlled entirely with either the mouse or the keyboard. Here are the hotkeys:

ENTER: Start game from main menu or go back to the main menu from the medals or game over screen
SPACE: Switch control type from main menu, pause the game while running, return to main menu while paused or in medal screen, or retry from game over screen
ESCAPE, DELETE, BACKSPACE: Open medal screen from main menu or clear all medals from medal screen
P: Pause game while running or resume game while paused
M: Toggle mute
Q: Toggle quality
U: Toggle music from pause screen (v 1.2)
E: Toggle eating sounds from pause screen
G: Toggle ghost sounds from pause screen
T: Visit Twitter from main menu
F: Visit Facebook from main menu
K: Visit programmer's site from main menu
A: Visit musician's site from main menu
Z: Visit




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2011-02-06 08:36:09

Sweet, thanks for this.

TharosTheDragon responds:

You're welcome. I didn't get to submit the game to NG myself so I don't have control over the description and I can't respond to reviews.


2011-03-04 14:47:04

wheres that song you wanted to put in?

TharosTheDragon responds:

What are you talking about?